March 23 - 24, 2022 (Association Meetings Begin Tuesday, March 22) || Caesars Palace Las Vegas


Here is a sampling of CAR 2022 educational sessions and speakers. Below you will also find the schedule with dates and times for travel planning purposes. Please keep checking back often as we continue to make updates.

Main General Sessions:

Pandemic 2.0+: Temporary Vs. Lasting Changes for Auctions

Two years into a global pandemic, what changes and disruptions look to be short-term versus long-term? What is the good that will be coming out of all the challenges experienced during the last two years? Leading auction voices will break down effects on digital marketplaces, safety protocols, speed of transactions and vehicle evaluations, and new best practices --- and what it all means for consignors.  Host: Charlie Vogelheim

What’s Ahead for the Remarketing Industry: A Look at Volatile, Shifting Economic and Market Dynamics

Topics: Supply chain issues; chip shortages; vehicle values and pricing, digital marketplaces. Hear what leading industry economists and analysts outline what’s in store for 2022 and 2023.  Host: Charlie Vogelheim

Topic Panel Sessions:

Developing EV Auction Standards & A Viable Secondary EV Market

As electric vehicle fleet and retail sales are expected to surge in the next decade, the focus is on all the new models coming to market. But their long-term value and buyer confidence in them hinges on what happens when these vehicles enter used life. A lucrative secondary used market with solid vehicle residual values that properly assess EVs depends on widely accepted standards and processes.  Host: Martin Romjue, Speakers: and Matt Arias, co-chair of IARA Standards Committee and chair of NAAA Standards Committee; Doug Turner, co-chair of IARA Standards Committee; and Alex Fraser of Cox Automotive.

Deep-Drive: How Digital Imaging and A.I. Are Spurring an Auction Revolution

See a detailed analysis of how imaging systems saves on time and costs after one year of operation; how economies of scale and efficiencies evolve out of digital technology; how this will transform vehicle resale documentation and what that means for pricing.  Host: Martin Romjue

Auto Transport, Logistics, Challenges and Trends
An in-depth discussion of how vehicle transportation and delivery businesses that connect buyers to sellers are able to manage so many different challenges - both from external factors of economy, environment, technology, and shortages to the internal demands of an automotive ecosystem with so many verticals and moving parts.  Host: Jay Wertzberger, Founder, Auto Transport Intel

Vehicle Data Security: Managing All That Info

How to protect transactional and client data as auctions become more digital and data drives disclosures and information. Who owns the data? What about liability?  Host: Martin Romjue

An Independent Auction View w/Auction Edge

Learn the latest pulse from the independent auction sector and how its adapting to sweeping industry changes. Gain reliable data-driven insights on sales and transaction activity.  Host: Dan Diedrich, Auction Edge

The Real-Life ROI of a Solid Industry Education

Join graduates of earlier Auction Academy classes who will share how their education led to better professional experiences and accomplishments in the years after graduation. Find out why the Certified Automotive Remarketers program is becoming the must-have top credential in the industry. Host: Penny Wanna, Auction Academy

Future of Consignors/Remarketing: Much To See Here and Ahead

The areas of marketing, social media, industry education, and professional engagement are defining and advancing remarketing going forward. A panel of industry visionaries looks at how remarketing practices and rewards will affect consignors and auctions.  Host: Charlie Vogelheim

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