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Solution Provider - Automobile Technologies

Software to Manage the Remarketing Supply Chain including Marshaling, Transportation, Reconditioning, and Inspection

Automobile Technologies

There are many touchpoints in the lifecycle of moving vehicles through the remarketing process.  Vehicles can be handled by consignors, transportation companies, auctions, outside vendors, and buyers and within each of these companies many other internal touchpoints and software systems only complicate the management of the process.   With the right technology, remarketing professional s can view real time status anywhere in the supply chain, rather than of trying to locate vehicle inventory manually or flying blind when finding which step the vehicle is in the process.  Automobile Technologies offers cloud based and mobile software applications for the remarketing industry to monitor and manage inspections, reconditioning, mechanical and collision repair, marshaling yards, transportation and photo operations.   AMT’s software gives remarketers better visibility and controls over the complete lifecycle as vehicles move more efficiently from consignor to buyer by filling gaps that exist with missing software, outdated software, or manual tracking and paper-based management.   AMT’s highly configurable and adaptable software can be set-up to match the client’s workflows and processes.  AMT’s secret sauce is completing the path of communications with it’s wide range of existing API’s for the remarketing industry or providing custom integration or development.  

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