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Keely Smith

Keely Smith

Co-Chair | IARA Compliance Committee

Keely Smith has been with AutoIMS for 20 years currently serving as Director of Contracts and Business Services. As a member of the Leadership team, her areas of responsibility include client relations, contracts, compliance, billing, and receivables. She spent her early years as the Customer Service Manager and handled onboarding and training for many of our current clients. She started her career at MCI Telecommunications, initially considered an industry “disrupter” since they were instrumental in championing changes in the legal and regulatory world that led to the breakup of the AT&T monopoly. AutoIMS was a perfect fit for a career change, a company consistently looking for ways to improve the remarketing processes through technology and bringing the remarketing industry together. Recognized for her contributions to the industry and to the growth of AutoIMS, she was honored as a “Women in Remarketing” in 2011. She also was recognized in 2018 by Element Remarketing with the Laurie Dobberphul award. She also serves as a Co-chair of the IARA Compliance committee.

In her spare time, she has been decorating her new home with a large front porch designed perfectly for entertaining, is active with charities focused on animal rescue and mentoring. An avid reader, she is involved in two book clubs, monthly game nights and enjoys hiking, gym workouts, wine tasting, and travel

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March 24, 2022
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