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Keynote: Three Pillars Roadmap for Success

June 16
1:30 PM - 2:15 PM || -

Venkat Krishnamoorthy
Auto Auction Services Corporation (AASC)

The auto remarketing business is a relationship business. There are many companies that strive to achieve the perfect balance between customer-centric and employee-centric cultures. Some companies work towards the trifecta - the three pillars - being an employer of choice, provider of choice, and investment of choice. These three pillars are easy to understand at face value but how do we get started on this journey? Can an existing culture be augmented with these three pillars? How do we generate buy-in from the leadership team to the frontline? How do you know it is working? In this talk, you will see some real-life examples of an implementation of the three pillars. The results of an ongoing 4-year experiment and the lessons learned will be shared. The three pillars methodology is a simple process, adaptable to a willing organization of any size, and can be implemented from "day one" in piecemeal actionable steps!

Julius Ballroom