Session Sponsor

WORKSHOP: Standards, EVs and Education

March 28
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Paul Seger
Element Fleet Management

Doug Turner

Michele Pierog

John Sullivan
GM Financial

Jeremy Louisos
Preowned Auto Logistics

This interactive workshop will discuss how Standards, EVs and Education are at the forefront of the IARA 2023 agenda. Paul Seger and John Mathiowetz will present key takeaways on how consignors are preparing for the EV transition and their specific needs from the auction industry. Jeremy Louisos and Michele Pierog are investigating how to keep the industry educated on items pertaining to EV and will present ideas on adding an EV certification module in the future to the IARA CAR certification. Doug Turner and John Sullivan will discuss efforts between the IARA and NAAA on evolving auction standards and the efforts to make the remarketing industry stronger by creating a win-win relationship between IARA and NAAA.