CAR Opening Keynote: Fly Into the Wind: How to Harness Faith and Fearlessness on Your Ascent to Greatness

March 29
9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

Dan Rooney
U.S. Air Force

CAVU is an Air Force acronym that stands for Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited. Translated, it describes the perfect conditions to be a fighter pilot, when steel blue skies invite them to spread their wings like a supersonic eagle. Fighter pilots cherish CAVU days because they know tomorrow can bring challenging conditions. Life is no different. In Fly Into the Wind, Lt Col Rooney shares a code of living that combines powerful tenets which help you discover and seize your best life. Hyper-focused on the precise areas that are immediately under your control, CAVU is a disciplined approach to each day that will help you reshape, motivate, prioritize and ultimately thrive. Along this enlightened path, the audience discovers a renewed belief in themselves and the art of the possible. With a refreshingly humble spirit, Rooney utilizes a dramatic multi-media production as a backdrop to the story of his personal life-altering lessons of synchronicity, volition, go before you’re ready, and understanding that every day is defined by what you do when it doesn’t go your way.