Keynote: Pandemic 2.0+: Temporary vs. Lasting Changes for Auctions

March 24
9:45 AM - 10:30 AM

Charlie Vogelheim
Vogelheim Ventures

R. Charles Nichols
National Auto Auction Association and BSC America

John Hammer
KAR Global

Cam Hitchcock
XLerate Group (XLerate)

Patrick Brennan

Two years into a global pandemic, what changes and disruptions look to be short-term versus long-term? What is the good that will be coming out of all the challenges experienced during the last two years? Leading auction voices will break down effects on digital marketplaces, safety protocols, speed of transactions and vehicle evaluations, and new best practices — and what it all means for consignors.

Moderator:  Charlie Vogelheim

Location: Julius 11