Workshop: Creating a Killer Floor Pricing App

March 22
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Joe Miller

Open to All!

We’ve enjoyed historically strong demand and low supply, corresponding to high vehicle values for nearly 2 years. Remarketers have looked good. But what happens when the tide inevitably turns? Now is the time to shore up your foundation, test new ideas, and get ready for what the market brings next.

You are invited to think inside the box in a special workshop focused on the floor pricing process. Using a proven (and fun) technique called “Cereal Box” to unleash creativity and innovation, together we will design the next ‘killer app’ for floor pricing. In fact, you’ll get to channel your inner child-at-the-breakfast-table while literally creating the box for this new, ideal solution. In this hands-on session, participants will:

-Learn from each other

-Recount the past

-Predict the future

-Gain fresh perspective

-Help prepare the industry

Arrive early to ensure your seat at the table!

Location: Julius 7