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Britney Smith-Egbert

Britney Smith-Egbert

Director of Business Development | Dealers Auto Auction Idaho

Britney Smith-Egbert directs Business Development for Dealers Auto Auction Idaho. Growing up in the auction founded by her father in 2001, Britney brings a seasoned but youthful perspective from her years in various customer-facing auction roles from dealer to fleet management. She and her team have spearheaded much of the hybrid auction model at DAA of Idaho. Britney is committed to the development of the modern auction experience and the important, continuing role that auctions play in supporting their customers and their communities. Britney is passionate about the future of both the family business and her own growing family. In 2021, Britney became a Women in Remarketing honoree and takes great pride in being a graduate of the inaugural class of Auction Academy. Britney lives outside of Boise, ID with her husband Kyle, and three young boys ages 5, 3 and 1.


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