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Jay Wertzberger

Jay Wertzberger

Founder | Auto Transport Intel, 'The Car Shipping Business Channel'

Jay Wertzberger is the Founder of Auto Transport Intel, 'The Car Shipping Business Channel', on YouTube. By combining early experience in Hollywood filmmaking with a passion for modern social media (and focused on the niche of auto transport business), Jay spends his days developing live shows and networking online with companies across all automotive verticals. With recurring shows including 'Tuesday Nights Live', 'DOT Compliance', 'Dispatching LIVE!', and 'Cars On The Move', Jay streams live on ATI four times a week. 

Upcoming and recent sessions

Auto Transport, Logistics, Challenges and Trends

March 24, 2022
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (PT)

An in-depth discussion of how vehicle transportation and delivery businesses that connect buyers to sellers can manage so many different challenges — both from external factors of economy, environment, technology, and shortages to the internal demands of an automotive ecosystem with so many verticals and moving parts. More Info

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